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April 10, 2021
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: National Catch and Release Day
Today In History 
The U.S. patent system is established.
Austria declares war on France and her forces enter Bavaria.
Union forces begin the bombardment of Fort Pulaski in Georgia along the Tybee River.
At Appomattox Court, Va, General Robert E. Lee issues his last orders to the Army of Northern Virginia.
The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is formed.
South African Boers accept British terms of surrender.
The Titanic begins her maiden voyage which will end in disaster.
F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.
The first synthetic rubber is produced.
Paul von Hindenburg is elected president in Germany.
Germany annexes Austria.
U.S. troops occupy Greenland to prevent Nazi infiltration.
Allied troops liberate the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald north of Weener, Germany.
In their second attempt to take the Seelow Heights, near Berlin, the Red Army launches numerous attacks against the defending Germans. The Soviets gain one mile at the cost of 3,000 men killed and 368 tanks destroyed.
Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play major league baseball as he takes the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
The American table tennis team arrives in China.
Yitzhak Rabin replaces resigning Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir.
Imprisoned Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands is elected to the British Parliament.
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Naked Hiking

There is an unmistakable primal appeal to being out in the great outdoors, enjoying the beautiful vistas and the sweeping panorama, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and at one with nature.  That sense of peace and oneness with the natural world is even more apparent when you are naked.
For many naturists, naturism is about embracing the natural world.  For them it is not just about getting an all over tan.  For people who love the ‘nature’ in naturism there are few things better than going out for a walk in the countryside naked.  It is exhilarating, liberating, uplifting and if you are in England or Wales (sadly not Scotland) it is also completely legal.

Some of Europe’s Oldest-Known Modern Humans Are Distantly Related to Native Americans

Once upon a time, we had to find the majority of a skeleton to figure out what ancient people were like. Now we can isolate the genes in a small bone fragment or tooth and find out all kinds of things about them. Two studies have just been published about the genes of the oldest modern humans yet found in Europe, those of three people in Bulgaria and another in Czechia, all who lived about 45,000 years ago. 

“Interestingly, these earliest Europeans that we find in the Bacho Kiro Cave did not contribute substantially to later West Eurasians,” says Mateja Hajdinjak, of the Francis Crick Institute (London), co-author of the study published this week in Nature. “These groups got largely replaced in Western Eurasia by subsequent migrations of people. But they are closely related to the human groups that gave rise to later East Eurasians and Americans—including present-day populations.”

“It’s just really cool that fossils of three individuals in Bulgaria left behind DNA, and can trace their descendants to different parts of the world than we’d expect, in ancient and living East Asians and Native peoples of the Americas,” adds Rick Potts, director of the Smithsonian’s Human Origins Program, who wasn’t involved in the genetic research.

The genome study also shows that a thick branch on the Bacho Kiro humans’ family tree belongs to the Neanderthals. The individuals carry 3 to 3.8 percent Neanderthal DNA in their genes, which suggests more than a one-off mating far back in their family history. In fact, the genomes show that these European humans had Neanderthal ancestors just six or fewer generations back.

The skull from Czechia also has a substantial amount of Neanderthal DNA. Read more about the findings at Smithsonian.

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